History & Events


Welcome to this quest of speed. In just under 10 years Biloxi Dragway featured some of the best racers in the day across the United States. Vehicle manufacturers also produced some of their most iconic machines ever created. Jet Cars, Wheelstanders, Dragsters, Funny Cars, Gassers, Stockers, Motorcycles and so on.

Many National ranking entries are now hall of famers. People such as Art Arfons, Bill Golden, Bunky Bobo, Don Garlits, E.J. Potter, and Tommy Ivo, just for starters. You had your local fan favorite guys on the scene such as Paul VanderLey, Albert Waits, "Q-Ball" Wale, Sidney Foster, and Joe Teuton, guys who would win often on the local scene and challenge any National entry for a victory.

You might be surprised by it's history. A bunch of events went on, so it can't all be on one page. Follow the links below for more information on that topic.