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Maverick Stands the Wagon on It's Tailgate at Biloxi

By Charles Meek
BILOXI, MISS.--June 25--Bill and Helen Golden brought the Little Red Wagon to Biloxi Dragway Saturday night for their annual visit to the Gulf Coast area. They also brought the largest crowd thru the gates in several months. 108 cars and bikes were on hand for some real exciting class racing. The second attraction on hand for the fans tonight was a rematch between two of the fastest C/Gassers in the South. Paul Contorno from Birmingham, Ala. in his Willys sedan and Joe Teuton from Houma, La. in his Willys truck.
There were many amateur photographers on hand tonight wanting to get some action shots of the Little Red Wagon, so just before dark Bill cased the little truck to the starting line just for the photographers benefit. In the late afternoon sunlight the new paint job Bill has on the truck really looked good. All 33 coats! Then he made the camera bugs mighty happy by standing the wagon on the tailgate twice just off the starting line. The crowd really loved It 'cause it's next to impossible to get good shots after dark with the average camera that is brought to the race track. You very seldom see a racer go out of his way to please a few fans like this. On his three regular exhibition runs Bill really sat it on the tailgate for over a thousand feet, bringing the crowd to their feet every time.
In regular class action, Dick Chapman '32 Ford B/A again proved unbeatable going 11.70 115.55 mph.
The Dupuy Bros. D'MP ran right on the record taking class and winning No. 2 Elim. The Irritator of Alvin Ashe won B/MP with low twelves and a new car was out in A/MP tonight - Gary Spiller from Baton Rouge, La. with a very sanltary 427 powered '57 Chevy.
C.J. Coludrovich from Gulfport took D/G class and Gas Eliminator with his '55 Chevy. C.J was going 13:20's
Ralph Parsley from Pascagoula, Miss. had a new car out tonight, a 1966 Corvette running in C/MSP. He won class and No. 1 Elim., first time out with the car.
In the stocker ranks Frank Incrivaglia won A/S with Thunder, Jr., a 426 wedge Plymouth with e.t. of 12.10 at 112.07.
Elisha Boyd has a new car, a 1966 Chevy running in B/S, his same class and the new car already is turning right on the National Record. He won class and Stock Elim. over a field of 17 cars. Then he came right back and took home Top Dog Elim. money, too.
Sam Pourcian O/S '49 Ford proved to be the eventual winner in Jr. Stock. Sam hails from Baton Rouge, La.
In the gasser match race Contorno again proved to be the stronger of the two winning three straight 11.33 118.73, 11.38 117.08 and Teuton redlighted on the third run with a 11.57 113.78. Teuton just can't seem to get his little truck running right against Contorno.
Sidney Foster was out tonight with his brand new light weight Mustang "Quick Draw" Jr. Sidney made two exhibition runs looking real strong in his beautiful blue and white 'Stang. First run netted 10.14 at 138 mph and the second run with a three foot wheelie off the line, a 10.04 142 mph.

Sources: Drag News, Copyright BiloxiDragway.com

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