History & Events - Timeline

1957: September 1st Biloxi Dragway opens for drag racing.

1959: March 25 - Road Rebels of New Orleans wins winter club season championship with 584 points, over the PaceMakers, with 529, followed by the West Side Dragons with 435 points.

April 12 - Keesler AFB Day - Eleven antique autos owned Antique Auto & Engine Club of Mississippi headline this event, parade down the strip, paired in two classes, Winners: Capt. McCarrty (1929 Model A Ford, 25.67 sec, at 52.00 mph) & Capt. Cook (1929 Mormon Touring car, 27.02 sec. at 53 mph)

April 26 - First Annual Boat Show. At 3 O'clock parade of boats down the strip. $260 outboard motor given away. (Top Eliminator, Grady Distsworth 13.88 at 98.90mph)

May 3 - All Students and Teachers where guests from Biloxi High School, followed by Jr. High on a following Sunday.

May 17 - Danny Taylor breaks own speed record at Biloxi for "B" dragster class (126.20mph at 11.57sec.)

May 24 - Danny Taylor breaks own speed record again for "B" dragster class (132.50mph at 11.68sec.)

1960:image Sunday, Jan 31 - Don Garlits makes three passes at 1320 world record, second attempt clocked at 195mph.

June 12th Jack Chrisman, World's 1320 Champion from Cal. races "Q" Ball Wale from New Orleans. "Q" Ball comes within five tenths of the World's Champ's best time of the day in a trial run. (9.7sec at 159.37mph)

Aug 7th, Tommy Ivo and Crewman Don Prudhomme visit Biloxi Dragway. They go on to win in Final Eliminations. (9.6sec. at 160.69mph)

Oct 8th "Q" Ball Wale from New Orleans sets time at (9.59sec. at 157.89mph) for "A" Class Dragster

Oct 8th Al Waits from New Orleans sets time at (10.00sec. at 148.75) for "B" Class Dragster

Oct 23 - Art Arfons appears in his "Green Monster" Jet Car. After four passes, fastest run (164.37mph)

1961: June, "The Golden Greek" Chris Karamesines vists Biloxi's P.A Tower to challenge, Don Garlits' record, sets new strip E.T record in the process of 8.84 sec.

Oct. 9, Ron Pellegrini sets a terrific time in the Tommy Ivo Special, best, 9.94 at 173.08 mph, in exibition runs.

1962: LaPlace Dragway begins operation in May. Top Eliminator won by Biloxi's own Paul Vanderly.

Oct. - "Big Daddy" Don Garlits runs Swamp Rat III.

1963: May 25 - Charles Sitton breaks strip speed record (186) for AA/Fuel Dragster at 196.07 mph in Paul Vanderly's "Swamp Rat III" originally owned by Don Garlits.

1964: "Big Daddy" Don Garlits runs Swamp Rat VIII.

Jimmy Arnold makes first appearance in his "Color Me Gone" II Super Stock Dodge.

1965:E.J. Potter runs his "Bloody Mary" Motorcycle in the rain

March 28 - Connie Swingle in Don Garlits' Swamp Rat VIII AA/Fueler, sets new track E.T. record at 7.79sec.

April 11 - Bill Golden makes visit in his "Little Red Wagon" wheel stander truck.

June 12 - First Annual Gas Coupe Championship takes place

September 26 "The Green Monster" returns this time with Doug Rose in the cockpit.

1966:Jan. 23 Art Malone breaks Swingle's E.T. and Paul Vanderley's speed record (196mph), goes 7.75 at 201mph pass on a Sunday. (E.T. record counted, issues with topend clocks disallowed speed)

April 24th Featured Atraction The Drag-On-Lady, Shirley Shahan vs John Donilson Flying Ford, Shahan wins all in fourth round after Donilson red lights.

April 30 Tommy Grove sets new track record for unblown funny cars. (9.50sec at 144.92mph)

June 11 Larry Reyes stunned crowd with threes straight passes in the eights breaking Mr. Norm's track record in the process. (8.93, 8.57, 8.74)

June 25th - On a Saturday night Bill Golden in his Little Red Wagon wheel stands the entire length of the track and wows the crowd in attendance.

July 30th - 2nd annual Gas Coupe and Sedan Championship is held.

Sep. 25 - Gasser Showdown Event is held, featuring Ron Hassel, B/Gas record holder, Dick Castro, C/Gas record holder and Joe Teuton, the South's fastest C/Gasser. Hassel comes out on top.

Oct. 23 - "Tennessee Bo-Weevil" Dragster of Sonny Atkins breaks Art Malone's track record of 7.75 with a 7.71 sec pass.

Nov. 13 - Final date of the 1966 season Bill Shrewberry with the L.A. Dart appears.

1967:March 12 That wild man with the wheelstands "Wild Bill Shrewberry" with the L.A. Dart appears.

March 25 First saturday night race of the year takes place featuring Arnie Beswick's all new Supercharged '67 GTO.

April 1 Doug Nash's appears with "Bronco Buster".

April 15th - Gigantic two-day meet with close to $2,000 in cash Saturday Night at Biloxi, The 3rd and final Gas Coupe Championship is held with over 33 gasers from Florida to Texas. Ron Hassel is overall winner. (E.T.'s 10.52, 11.00, 10.69, 11.05, 10.80, 10.74, and 10.65) Day two takes place at Mobile Dragway.

May 13 - Mississippi State Championship is held on a Saturday Night, 345 cars turn out.

May 27 Super Stock Bonanza Event.

Land owner refuses to renew lease. Biloxi Dragway runs final event on Saturday Night July 1st. Posted awards $1,250 in cash with three foot trophies for all class winners.

Sources: Drag News & Biloxi Dragway Newsletters, copyright BiloxiDragway.com