How Good Were They?

With the information so far, we've gave some of the local drivers on this page a ranking based on competitiveness. Click on a drivers photo card to learn more about them.

History - Local Drag Racers


The following names are documented drivers that raced at Biloxi Dragway

If you would like to submit a name not listed feel free to email us.

Name Hometown Ranking Photo Card
Albert Waits New Orleans, LA
Alfred Krebs Pascagoula, MS N/A N/A
Allan Evans, Jr. Petal, MS N/A N/A
Alvin Ashe, Jr. Gulfport, MS
Anthony Kirsh Chalmette, LA N/A N/A
Andy Zanka New Orleans, LA
Asa Lemmon Jackson, MS N/A N/A
Authur Callihad Baton Rouge, LA N/A N/A
Bill Brumfield Picayune, MS N/A N/A
Bob Abney Slidell, LA N/A N/A
Bob Davis Utica, MO N/A N/A
Boogie Scott New Orleans, LA
"S & H Speed Shop"
Boyd Beckham Moss Point, MS N/A N/A
C.H. Knight Biloxi, MS N/A N/A
C.T. Rigdon Metairie, LA N/A N/A
Carl Mosher Jacksonville, FL N/A N/A
Charles Boyett Biloxi, MS N/A N/A
Charles Decker Gretan, LA N/A N/A
Charles Ford Hattiesburg, MS N/A N/A
Charles Garner Magee, MS N/A N/A
Charles Heinick Jackson, MS N/A N/A
Charles Isbell New Orleans, LA N/A N/A
Charles Ludlow, Jr. Long Beach, MS N/A N/A
Charles Naurer Slidell, LA N/A N/A
Charles Whitman Poplarville, MS N/A N/A
Charlie Cruse New Orleans, LA N/A N/A
Clarence Saucier Biloxi, MS N/A N/A
Claude Villar Denham Springs, LA
Clyde Taylor Paris, KY N/A N/A
Curtis Newman Gulfport, MS N/A N/A
Cyil Trosclair Chalmette, LA N/A N/A
Dale McMurtry Gulfport, MS N/A N/A
Dale Thomas Franklinton, LA N/A N/A
Dallas Powell Bay St. Louis, MS N/A N/A
Danny Sons Harahan, LA N/A N/A
Danny Taylor N/A
David Dupuis Houma, LA N/A N/A
David Pierce Chalmette, LA N/A N/A
David Provty Handsboro, MS N/A N/A
David Rester Pearl River, LA N/A N/A
Diane Frost Pascagoula, MS N/A N/A
Don Wilson Mobile, AL N/A N/A
Donald Whittington Metairie, LA N/A N/A
Doody Rupert New Orleans, LA N/A N/A
Dorman Palley Bogalusa, LA N/A N/A
Edward Wayner III New Orleans, LA N/A N/A
Elisha Boyd Hattiesburg, MS N/A N/A
Emile Robicheaux Gulfport, MS N/A N/A
Ernest Nola Denham Springs, LA N/A N/A
Eugene Chiasson West Wego, LA N/A N/A
Floyd Jones Ocean Springs, MS N/A N/A
Frank Incricalia New Orleans, LA N/A N/A
Frank Marshall Biloxi, MS N/A N/A
Fred Copelich Gulfport, MS N/A N/A
G.J. Coludrovich Gulfport, MS
Gary Herbert Baton Rouge, LA N/A N/A
Gary Robertson Biloxi, MS N/A N/A
Gerlard Appe Covington, LA N/A N/A
Glen Lassiter Metairie, LA N/A N/A
Glen Penton Picayune, MS N/A N/A
Glenn Cupit New Orleans, LA
"57 Chevy Del-Ray"
Glenn Wild Baton Rouge, LA N/A N/A
Godfrey McNeely Covington, LA N/A N/A
Grady Bitsworth N/A N/A N/A
Herbert Renton Picayune, MS N/A N/A
Howard Harris Bridge City, LA N/A N/A
Jack Cooley N/A N/A N/A
Jack Frost Pascagoula, MS N/A N/A
J.E. Posey Chalmette, LA N/A N/A
James L. Simpson Brunswick, Georgia N/A N/A
Jerry L. Reid Jayess, MS N/A N/A
Jerry Mooney Pass Christian, MS N/A N/A
Jerry Van Hoosen Slidell, LA N/A N/A
Jim Thornton Jonesville, LA N/A N/A
Jimmie Rivet Slidell, LA N/A N/A
Jimmy Burt N/A
Joe Brister Crystal Springs, MS
Joe Teuton Houma, LA
"41 Willys"
John Furey Pearlington, MS N/A N/A
Kenneth Williams Covington, LA N/A N/A
Knight Robicheaux Biloxi, MS N/A N/A
Larry Evans Biloxi, MS
Larry R. Braneff Houma, LA N/A N/A
Leonard Dobord New Orleans, LA
Levon King Prichard, AL N/A N/A
Lewis Sharp Jackson, MS
"Big Chief"
Lincoln Pevon New Orleans, LA N/A N/A
Louis Carden Birmingham, AL N/A N/A
Malcolm Kenting LaPlace, LA N/A N/A
Marion Monjure New Orleans, LA
Marion Walton New Orleans, LA N/A "Purple People Eater"
Michael Ervin Gulfport, MS N/A N/A
Michael O'Halloran New Orleans, LA N/A N/A
Mickey Carrier Amite, Louisiana N/A N/A
Mike Scarborough Biloxi, MS
Nickey A. Bonwa Kenner, LA N/A N/A
Nollie Myers Petal, MS N/A N/A
Norman Wilt New Orleans, LA N/A N/A
Oswald Dahl Gulfport, MS N/A N/A
Pat Knight Biloxi, MS N/A N/A
Paul Vanderly Biloxi, MS
"The White Rat"
Philia Alangil New Orleans, LA N/A N/A
Peter Linden New Orleans, LA N/A N/A
"Q-Ball" Wales New Orleans, LA
R.A. Dickinson Mobile, AL N/A N/A
Ray Knight Biloxi, MS N/A N/A
Ray Mckee Waynesboro, MS N/A N/A
Raymond Long New Orleans, LA N/A N/A
Richard Harper New Orleans, LA N/A N/A
Richard Petty Pascagoula, MS N/A N/A
Richard Townsend Biloxi, MS N/A N/A
Robert Allen Covington, LA N/A N/A
Robert Cothorn Boalusa, LA N/A N/A
Ron Lee Covington, LA N/A N/A
Ronnie Breland Poplarville, MS N/A N/A
Ronnie Temento Westwego, LA N/A N/A
Roy Glapion New Orleans, LA N/A N/A
Si Burgess N/A
S.T. Cooper Long Beach, MS
Sam Fourciau Baton Rouge, LA N/A N/A
Sidney Foster New Orleans, LA
Smokey Sharp Covington, LA N/A N/A
Sonny Merritt, Jr. Bay St. Louis, MS N/A N/A
Steve Kennard Slidell, LA N/A N/A
Steve Stockstill Picayune, MS N/A N/A
Tanlley Collins III New Orleans, LA N/A N/A
Ted Walters Mobile, AL
Thomas Ramsey Theodore, AL N/A N/A
Tony Di Benedetto Hammond, LA
Tom Penny N/A N/A N/A
W.T. Coleman Gulfport, MS N/A N/A
William Asmistbad New Orleans, LA N/A N/A
William Atkinson Slidell, LA N/A N/A
William Work Slidell, LA N/A N/A
Willis Moonly Hattiesburg, MS N/A N/A
Zora Marshal N/A N/A N/A

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